Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is a small fretted instrument with four strings known for its unique, bright timbre.
It's often associated with Hawaii, because that's where it originated!

The ukulele is quickly becoming one of the most popular instruments to learn, and for good reason. It is a great beginner instrument for everyone, especially young children, because it is small in size, light weight, inexpensive and easy to play for all ages. Kids, teens and adults can learn to play the ukulele quickly. Don’t let that miniature guitar fool you. You will learn songs to get you started and the secrets to allow you to play most any pop and folk song. Let us show you how fun and easy it can be.

With the success of artists like Grace VanderWaald on America’s Got Talent, people are discovering that the ukulele is a beautiful instrument with a low barrier to entry. Most of our guitar teachers play and teach ukulele as the two instruments have much in common, including tuning which makes it so chord shapes and scales move easily from one to the other.

The uke is often thought of as a good alternative to guitar for young kids and this is definitely true. First of all, it’s smaller and the strings are made of nylon instead of steel which is easier on little fingers. The nice thing with this approach is that much of what is learned is transferable to the guitar later.

Ukuleles come in different sizes. Soprano (the smallest size) is the most common, but you can also buy a concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele.

The baritone ukulele actually has different tuning than the others.

Scheduled         Makawao- La-ti-Da Studio

We offer lessons for age 7+ in multiple ways:
GROUP LESSONS: 4-6 Students

We make all lessons fun, innovative and interactive. All lesson families have a student and parent portal to access their homework, practice timer/tracker, video library, digital files, playback tracks and chat feature to communicate with their teacher and the office.
Our student portal also tracks students points and badges for practicing, performing and more, earning them fun incentives and challenging students to excel at their instrument as well as encouraging a well rounded musician/school member.
Students also receive music books, sheet music and access to various music games and apps as a member of our school.
Students perform 2 times per school year in our All School Recital Performance as well as other optional performance opportunities throughout the year. They also have opportunities to participate in other school activities such Game Days, Student Parties, Camps and more.

We offer BOTH in studio lessons or students can log in to lessons/class online with our virtual lesson portal. We also offer video and virtual lessons when a student can’t make it to the studio.

We use the same curriculum for private and groups so if a student is ready to graduate from Group Lessons they can easily transition to Deluxe or Private Lessons.

Individual lessons are a traditional mainstay of music education. They afford the student an opportunity to one on one attention from their instructor.

We offer 30 or 60 min. private lessons once a week. We meet in studio or online, set up at your reserved lesson time. Day/time to be determined based on instructor availability upon enrollment.

Students do need an instrument for home practice.
Voice Students are encouraged to have a recording device.
Students can join us in studio or through our virtual lesson room.


A Deluxe Lesson is a 60 min. immersive music experience that gives the student more time to learn their instrument in a fun and stimulating environment without forfeiting private instruction.

3 students rotate individually every 20 minutes between 3 stations.
-20 minutes of Private Instruction on his/her instrument
-20 minutes Music Theory Lab
-20 minutes Playing/Sight Reading Lab

Why people LOVE Deluxe Lessons?
1. Students get an hour of music for the price of a 30 minute lesson
2. Students still get one on one time with an instructor
3. Interactive learning makes things fun & stimulating
4. Rotating stations means the students don’t get bored but gives enough time to cover concepts such as: note naming, rhythm, composing, music history, eye training and ear training.
5. Results have proven students have higher music theory test scores but also stick with lessons longer
6. Siblings can take Lessons at the same time & parents have more time to run an errand while their child is in lessons!

Completed at least one session of Music Makers or has been recommended by a teacher.
Can keep a steady beat most of the time
Can follow instructions and stay focused on one task for 15 minutes.
Can count to 10
Can write and read basics

offers a wide variety of sounds and styles with many optional teacher duets
entertains and delights students with beautiful color illustrations and a carefully conceived layout
combines the strengths of intervallic reading, multi-key, and Middle C approaches


About Ukulele Lessons



July 10th-20th
Sept 20th-30th
Dec 20th-30th
March 7th-17th
May 16th-26th (Summer Session)
Click "tuition" below for payment dates.
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Age 7 and Up


See length of time below, Meeting once per week. Lessons are ongoing for the school year August - May.
We accept new students 2 times per semester. See annual school calendar for dates and open enrollment deadlines.
Students may withdraw or request to change instruments (with a 30 day written notice) anytime after their first completed semester.


30 mins. Private Lessons: $160/month + $50 material fee each semester
60 mins. Private Lessons: $280/month + $50 material fee each semester
60 mins. Deluxe Lessons: $160/month + $50 material fee each semester
45 mins. Group Lessons: $120/month + $50 material fee each semester
Lesson Prices include tax.
See tuition chart and Policies for more details.

Do I have to know anything before we get started?

Recommended: take Music Family Class and/or Music Makers

What materials are needed for Ukulele Lessons?

Instrument for home practice, 3 RING BINGER

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"Our family loves La-Ti-Da Productions! My daughter is 2 years old and she's been going to the Music Family class since she was 10 months old. Miss Aubrey does a great job making class engaging and fun for all the children in class who range from 6 months old to 3 years old. Even us parents have fun too!" Michelle R.