Music Lessons & Classes

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Group Classes are ongoing all school year unless enrollment goes below the class minimum.
Student don't need to reenroll each quarter as enrollment is continuous all school year.
New students may join a class during any open enrollment periods held about 2 weeks before each new quarter (4 times per school year.)
Quarter 1: Aug 7-Oct 7
Enrollment Deadline: July 20
Quarter 2: Oct 16-Dec 23
Enrollment Deadline: Oct 1
Quarter 3: Jan 15-Mar 26
Enrollment Deadline: Dec 30
Quarter 4: Apr 1-June 1
Enrollment Deadline: Mar 17
Summer Session TBA
Contact us anytime to get on the Wait list for the upcoming open enrollment period.
(Private lessons can be started at anytime as long as there are openings in the schedule.)

"We love Aubrey and her family music program! Aubrey is great with the kids and makes class really fun! My daughter has been going to these classes for two years and she has learned so many new songs and played lots of instruments. She loves music class and can’t wait to go every week! The songs are fun and they are also educational in teaching the kids colors, numbers, animals, and much more!"
Katherine C.

If you’re afraid music lessons are full of scales and boring exercises…

Say Hello to Interactive, Innovative Music Lessons that Motivate and Engages today’s modern child through games and technology centered learning.

At La-ti-Da Music, Center for Music and the Arts, we’ve designed a comprehensive collection of music educational opportunities which contributes to creating well-rounded musicians.

To develop these skills, there are no shortcuts to succeed. A student must develop patience, perseverance, the ability to focus, and the readiness to wait for satisfaction. We are building life-long, well-rounded musicians who make music because it is a joyous, uplifting, and satisfying pursuit.

Our programs are an integrated progression of classes, lessons, and performances, beginning with early childhood and culminating in adulthood.

Our goal is to continue building a comprehensive, credited, and well respected music education program designed to share the benefits of music, the joys of island culture through music and most importantly to keep music alive in our community. These are an important part of early fundamental development. In order to keep music alive please continue to communicate about, participate in and contribute to music education and enjoyment.

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